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  • Principal Investment

    Regardless of whether domestic or international investments, we capture a market where rapid changes and gaps over time are emerging from the shifting social trends. Through our capacity as an investor and partner, we help investees achieve an instant jump in growth of business, engaging in support of all new challenges.

  • Fund Management

    We compose venture funds suited to changes in social trends by sourcing capital from domestic/international companies or government programs. We employ all of our insights and conduct business-development-focused venture investments where partnerships with members are effectively synchronized.


Major Investments

The company owns a technology to mass-cultivate microalgae named Euglena, and build channels for sustainable supplying of Euglena as an ingredient in health supplements. With R&D alliances with JX Nippon Oil and Hitachi, euglena is working on producing biojet fuel from oil extracted from Euglena’s cells.
The company provides an internet service for sending through SNS to other users a thank-you or congratulatory message with a gift certificate such as coffee and sweets at a café.
Using its strength in R&D technology to transform unstructured offline data into structured online data, while applying their knowledge of deep learning. The company provides solutions for development of big data analysis/O2O particularly in the marketing industry.
In the evolving gift-giving industry, the company is breaking new ground by offering gift catalogs containing variety of ‘experiences’ such as paragliding, horse riding, and ceramic-making. Besides the gift-giving business, the company collaborates with large enterprises to produce experience-associated projects.
Started as a manufacturer/retailer of futsal balls and apparel, the company then launched futsal-pitch and media management business. Now they offer a new service line related to a number of sports IT support needs.
The biggest social commerce service in the U.S. catalogues products based upon cloud curation which features appealing items from all over the world, such as cars, furniture and gadgets through a website using stylish user interface. Investment made to the U.S. Headquarters.
A Japanese restaurant chain based in Malaysia expands throughout Asia. They are the first Sushi restaurant in Malaysia and now located about in 100 places including Vietnam. Since a capital alliance with Yoshinoya Holdings, the company continues expanding its business. Investment made to Malaysia.
As we face progressing trends of mass customization in devices such as home appliances and personal computers, Original Stitch succeeds in providing a men’s shirt e-commerce service using online-mass-customization technology with a refined user interface, while the shirt market became Investment made to the U.S. Headquarters.
Xevo’s technology is equipped in infotainment software being used by large car manufacturers such as Toyota. The company is one of the founders of SmartDeviceLink Consortium who is sponsored by Toyota and Ford Motor Company which owns an open platform to develop automotive applications communicating with smartphones.
A Web service provider utilizing artificial intelligence and big data technologies to provide human resource services. The company developed a global network of agencies to manage a series of recruitment-related services: fokwell specializes in the IT engineering field. CrowdAgent is the first HR service in Japan, foreseeing regional revitalization and promoting human resource mobility between people and the employers.

Investment Fund

PNB-INSPiRE Ethical Fund 1 Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership

Fund Prospectus
The first Japanese Sharia-compliant Eligible Fund to incorporate Asian growth into the country. Along with the economic growth in the ASEAN market since the founding of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, the Islamic consumer market of 18 million people has achieved a remarkable growth of more than 200 billion yen. The fund aspires to support small to medium Japanese companies to access the market starting from Malaysia which has potential to bring about mutual growth.
Major Investments

INSPiRE Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF)

Fund Prospectus
A fund aiming at general management support for domestic crafting companies and manufacturers. Investment destinations are private companies which are in middle to late stages after completion of the production development and sales expansion phases, or those with highly praised technology which faces challenges in achieving growth due to a lack of know-how of marketing and development of production system.
Investment Companies
Major Investments