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INSPiRE takes opportunities to stimulate innovations based upon gaps detected from signs of changes by observing societies from historical, international, quantitative and qualitative perspectives. This is because we know that human consciousness and behavior are profoundly affected by technology, products/services as well as societies way beyond the market.

Running Together

INSPiRE unites with an entrepreneur who attempts the first brave step to a new change, provides every necessary resources to shape future processes, and runs together as your partner who’s willing to share business risks. This is because we know a fitting partnership is the key to make innovations come true.


INSPiRE sees great potential for changes hidden where no one has conceived of or explored before. We embrace the challenge towards the unknown with our full force, relaying on our intuition after deriving its essence. For there is something thrilling and exciting for the world.

Our Services = Value Innovation

Since our establishment INSPiRE has been defining its business through the creation opportunities that will change society. Having two concrete methods, our first is to provide business development support for large enterprises who desire to explore new areas and actualize technological seeds/business ideas into tangible opportunities. The second is to provide investment activities for venture companies who seek to create new values with innovative concepts. Based on the dynamic network that we cultivated with large enterprises and vigorous venture companies, INSPiRE plays the role of a catalyst in creating new businesses.