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The INSPiRE website is being managed as an information service for everyone interested in our company. When customers use this website, there are parts where personal information is required (when inquiring about business, subscribing, downloading reports, or for services that users can access voluntarily or independently such as application forms for job positions. Mainly we will ask for the user’s personal information that is necessary for providing service information etc. When using INSPiRE’s service we will inquire about information such as the user’s name, email address, phone number, address etc. In addition with the purpose of improving the user’s convenience, there are cases where you may be asked for information other than that. Aside from the minimum required items, the user can select which information he/she wants to provide. Furthermore, INSPiRE will not change the given information without the consent of the user. Please note in advance that the required information may be given to third parties, depending on which type of service you are using on this website. (For example, giving your name and address to the commissioned delivery service company would apply in this case.) In order to protect the privacy of the user visiting this website, we take a reasonable extent of necessary measures. The INSPiRE website uses the common standard secure socket layer code (SSL) on all pages of the website that require personal information. INSPiRE may revise the above policies. In that case all revisions will be notified on this website.

About Cookies

Cookies are for users to browse more conveniently when visiting this website a second time. They neither violate the privacy of the user nor do they have a harmful effect on the user’s computer. In some cases INSPiRE will collect information from the visitors of this website about the overall trends and patterns of their behaviour and interests through the integrated cookies. The information collected will be used by inspire (and companies commissioned to research and analyze) to analyze access trends and to provide better service for the user. Please do not worry about the collected information. It will be treated as confidential in the same way as the user’s personal information is. In addition, if a user should not wish for his information to be collected it is possible to refuse the reception of cookies through the settings of the internet browsing software (browser). In order for you to take full advantage of the features of our site, we recommend that you adjust the settings to receive cookies. Please contact the respective manufacturer on how to set up the browser software you are using.