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2023.02.17 Press Release

Watasumi announced as first participant in INSPiRE’s new startup support framework with OIST

17 February 2023 –Inspire Corporation (INSPiRE) and Watasumi Corporation (Watasumi) today announced that Watasumi will be the first startup mentored by INSPiRE under the umbrella of the framework agreement signed by INSPiRE and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) on December 22, 2022.

Watasumi was recently founded by David Simpson, a researcher who worked at OIST for a decade prior to embracing entrepreneurship. Watasumi develops and provides biological wastewater filtration systems for food and beverage factories, harvesting energy from what was previously considered waste. The compact, stand-alone device, which requires no on-site operators, has already received a number of high evaluations, including selection as a 2021 Climate Launch Pad Global Finalist, and has been demonstrated at a major Awamori factory in Okinawa. Plus, Watasumi have already received offers for POC and commercial provision of its technology outside Okinawa and overseas, and are working toward its realization.

Starting today, INSPiRE and Watasumi will collaborate on all aspects of business development for six months, including capital policy, business plan, business model, marketing strategy, and customer traction, with the aim of achieving full-scale domestic and international “go-to-market” and initial fund raising.

INSPiRE will provide Watasumi with access to potential business collaborators and investors in its Mutualistic Symbiosis Network, including the INSPiRE Mutualistic Symbiosis Fund 1, which was established in September 2022. At the same time, INSPiRE will fully support Watasumi’s significant growth by utilizing its ‘run-together’ business development expertise and networks cultivated over the past 22 years.

“OIST is a treasure trove of innovation, designed to bring together the best researchers in different fields from around the world to create new value in unexplored areas including interdisciplinary fields. Watasumi’s David Simpson is a fascinating entrepreneur who has embarked on ‘go-to-market’ incubations based on the innovations he has embodied. Both I and INSPiRE promise to give him our utmost support in his quest to speedily realize a better society. And I hope that Watasumi, under his leadership, will add another value to our INSPiRE Mutualistic Symbiosis Network.,” says Ryosuke Takatsuki, President and CEO of INSPiRE.

“I am excited to be the first participant in this new initiative. We can really improve our impact from INSPiRE’s extensive experience in Japan and developing Asian economies where I see Watasumi’s type of solution in growing demand,” says David Simpson, President and CEO of Watasumi.


Believing in “make the world amazing” through doing what others don’t, INSPiRE is a company whose main business is a new business development itself, where it fully ‘runs-together’ with entrepreneurs who are working to realize innovation, and provides all its resources / expertise necessary to lead them to success in a timely and appropriate manner.

About Watasumi

Watasumi launched in 2021 with the mission to change the perception of waste from a “problem” into a “resource” by addressing the massive amount of time, energy and money associated with waste management.

Watasumi has started our journey working with small and medium-sized companies as its team are passionate about contributing to local economies. By bringing innovative solutions at a small scale, Watasumi can help create sustainability at a global scale.

About the framework agreement


Inspire Corporation: Kenny Kurokawa,  TEL: 03-6418-1091

Watasumi: David Simpson,  TEL: 080-6495-7192, E-mail: