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2023.07.06 Press Release

Announcement of investment by INSPiRE Mutualistic Symbiosis Fund (IMSF) in Pte. Ltd.

INSPiRE Mutualistic Symbiosis Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership (“IMSF”) announced it has acquired shares issued by Pte. Ltd.

nami (“nami”) was founded in 2021 by the entrepreneurs who created WiZ, a smart lighting brand and ecosystem that was acquired by Signify, the lighting leader (formerly known as PHILIPS LIGHTING in this industry). WiZ is the world’s first smart lighting platform embedded with Wi-Fi sensing technology.

nami has developed a series of disruptive IoT devices with multi-sensing software layers including its pioneering Wi-Fi and mesh AI powered sensors, as well as WiDAR sensors, which enable to detect suspicious human and non-human activity in homes, offices, factories, logistics, warehouses, and other locations. In just a short period of time, nami has established long term partnerships with global companies (Internet Service Providers and Security companies). As well, nami already concluded a memorandum of understanding with Okinawa Electric Power Company Inc. and Okiden CplusC Corporation to proceed collaboration and cooperation in various business fields in Japan by utilizing hardware augmented software developed and provided by nami.

nami is strongly involved in IoT standards and compliance. Jérôme Leroy, its Chief Innovation Officer, is also the chair of the wireless signal based ambient sensing Workgroup at matter, which is part of CSA (600+ technology companies are participating to CSA, including Big Tech players such as Apple, Google, and Samsung)..

nami has partnered with OriginWireless (“Origin”), a world-leading venture company developing Wi-Fi sensing technology, which is scheduled to become a global standard in sensing technology by 2024 at IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization and technology standardization body.

IMSF, established with the approval of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries based on the “Act on Special Measures For Facilitating Investment in Agricultural and Fishery Corporations (Revised Investment Facilitation Act) that came into effect in August 2021, takes this opportunity to strategically invest in nami’s technology and products that will lead to the realization of low cost, safe and secure storage and logistics for food, agriculture, forestry and fishery industry. IMSF and the INSPiRE Group together will contribute to the growth of nami by providing business development support necessary to establish a global food value chain for Japanese food, agriculture, forestry, and fishery corporations, and at the same time, contribute to the sustainable development of the Japanese food, agriculture, forestry, and fishery industries.

About nami

Company name: Pte. Ltd.

Head office: 25 Duxton Hill, #03-01, Singapore

CEO : Jean-Eudes Leroy

Establishment : December 2020


For further information, please contact:

Inspire Investment Inc.

Attn: Kenny Kurokawa

TEL: +81-3-6418-1091