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2021.12.24 Press Release

Green Earth Institute Listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers

Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd., an investee of PIEF, is now listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers, Friday, December 24, 2021.( Securities Code: 9212)

It is a technology-development venture whose core technology is high-efficiency fermentation technology (bioprocess) utilizing microorganisms called coryneform bacteria.

GEI’s fermentation technology enables chemical products that have been produced from petroleum to be converted to agricultural or food residues, and other products derived from biomass and produced without the use of petroleum. Also, it enables the production products previously made from biomass to be more efficient. Utilizing our technology, GEI will pursue both 1) bio-economy  in which chemicals are produced from biomass without using petroleum, and 2) circular economy in which limited resources are effectively utilized through resource recycling.

The fund raised this time will be used for developing business to build a sustainable society, while striving to continuously improve its corporate value by becoming a leading company in the biorefinery field (biofuel production).

For details on the initial public offering, please visit the Tokyo Stock Exchange website.
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