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2022.05.16 information

Green Earth Institute Enter into a Business Alliance Agreement with NHP for Upcycling Food Residues

On March 8, 2022, Green Earth Institute (GEI), an investee of PIEF, and Hydro Powtech Japan Co., Ltd. (NHP) entered into a business alliance agreement in order to establish a production process technology for upcycling food and agricultural residues into chemicals through combining specialized sciences – NHP’s hydrolyzing technology for food and other substances and GEI’s fermentation technology.

When biomass-derived waste such as food and agricultural residues are used as raw materials for fermentation by microorganisms to produce chemicals, it is generally necessary, as a pretreatment, to make it easier to convert the waste into sugar that the microorganisms consume. The pretreatment usually requires a large amount of energy due to the use of acids and alkalis and the prolonged application of pressure and temperature, which has been an issue since it can adversely affect the subsequent processes and increase cost.

NHP’s hydrolysis technology is designed to reduce the molecular weight of dietary fiber, carbohydrate, or protein in a short time without using acid or alkali. GEI has found that NHP’s technology for the use of food and agricultural residues as raw materials for chemical products can solve the problem of pretreatment, which has been a barrier to social implementation.

This agreement between GEI and NHP aims to build a business alliance in order to realize low-cost production of Circular bioeconomy products.

Under the management philosophy “Fostering green technology and walking with the earth,” GEI is working on the recycling of waste, and through this alliance with NHP, GEI will promote the implementation of circular bioeconomy products in our everyday life and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

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