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2022.03.08 information

Bodygram Provides AI Measurement Technology to tutuanna

Bodygram Japan, a subsidiary of Bodygram Inc., an investee of Inspire Investment Corporation, announces that its AI-powered body measurement technology Bodygram is to be promoted for a limited period of approximately one month from Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at the seven shops operated by tutuanna. While choosing a brassiere used to require bust measurement in the fitting room, with this technology, it enables the measurements of the top and underbust in a dozen seconds while wearing clothes, making it easier to purchase suitable brassieres.

The Seven tutuanna shops that offer Bodygram to measure bust size
・Kitasenju Marui
・Chiba shopping Center C
・KEIKYU Department Store Kamioooka
・Ario Hashimoto

Bodygram Japan has been providing its AI-powered body measurement technology for the apparel sector including school and corporate uniform manufactures and department stores, as well as the bedding and healthcare sector. The company plans to use its technology to expand its business in new areas such as fitness and wellness.

Bodygram is an app officially released on the App Store and Google Play in June 2020, attracting many users by its revolutionary features which allows the measuring of a person’s body with just one smartphone. Bodygram has been ranked No. 1 in the free iOS app category and has also earned the top position in the Android’s health and fitness category.

For more information, please visit these websites:
Bodygram Japan Official Website