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2021.12.07 information

Bodygram Provides AI-powered Body Measurement Technology to Unicharm

Bodygram Japan, a subsidiary of Bodygram Inc., an investee of Inspire Investment Corporation, announces the adoption of Bodygram’s AI-powered body measurement technology in the adult diaper counseling launched by Unicharm Corporation, a leading company in the product industry, as of December 2021. This is the first application of Bodygram in the nursing care field.

By taking two pictures with a smartphone and entering the height, weight, gender and age, the thigh, waist, and hip measurements required for diaper size diagnosis are automatically generated and the optimum diaper size for the person in care can be easily selected.

With a passion to create opportunities and experiences for users to learn about their own bodies, Bodygram develops and provides technologies and services that suit the lifestyles of consumers in various industries. Since its inception as a self-sizing assistant for Original Stitch, an online custom shirt retailer, Bodygram has been used by numerous companies, starting with the apparel industry. In fiscal year 2021, Bodygram has made it possible to estimate and measure body composition data in a short period of only 3 months from conception to development, and is pioneering business in the healthcare industry. Bodygram will continue to contribute to solving social issues by making full use of AI technology that continues to evolve with its original algorithms.

For more information, please visit the websites:
Bodygram Japan Official Website