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2021.05.14 information

Bodygram Provides School Uniform Measurement Solution to Tombow

Bodygram Japan, a Japan subsidiary of Bodygram Inc., an investee of Inspire Investment Corporation, announces that its AI measuring technology Bodygram is embedded to Hakarunjar (ハカルンジャー), a new measuring solution for school uniforms, provided by TOMBOW Co.,Ltd., a school/gym uniform manufacturer and seller established in 1876.

Using Bodygram‘s AI measuring technology, simply by entering numerical values such as weight and height and taking 2 full-body photos of the front and sides of the body, Hakarunjar instantly captures measurements from 25 locations across the body and recommends the best size of school uniforms and gym clothes. In addition, it offers a seamless online experience as it allows users to directly purchase the selected size school and gym uniforms on a smartphone screen.

This spring TOMBOW Co.,Ltd. has started implementing Hakrunjar to its partner schools nationwide and has already achieved orders from approximately 10,000 users.

For more information, please visit the websites:
Bodygram Japan (Official company website)