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2022.07.14 information

Fundokin Announces the Sale of Locally Manufactured Brands in Malaysia

Asean Fundokin Corporation (“AFC”), an investee of PIEF and a subsidiary company of Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd. (“Fundokin ”), has started sales of new locally manufactured products in Malaysia.

Since its establishment in 1861, Fundokin has been producing various condiments such as miso, soy sauce, salad dressing, yuzu pepper paste, under the motto of “Authenticity,” manufactured and sold mainly in Japan. In January 2019, AFC was established as their strategic subsidiary to promote business in the ASEAN market, where rising income levels are driving diverse and vibrant consumer demands, and Japanese food is widely available.

The new brand, which will be the first product manufactured overseas by Fundokin, will be launched under the brand name of Fundokin Yakin Sdn. Bhd. (“Fundokin Yakin”), a joint venture company in Malaysia established by AFC in 2019. The four products being are: Rich Sesame Sauce, Hot Sesame Sauce, Hot Teriyaki Sauce, and Hot BBQ Sauce”.

The products to be launched under the Fundokin Yakin brand are products that have acquired Malaysia’s Halal certification (JAKIM certification) in collaboration with Malaysian condiment manufacturer Yakin Sedap Sdn. Bhd., using soy sauce exported from Usuki, Oita. These products are designed to meet the tastes of local consumers while focusing on Japanese quality recipes. These products embody the concept ‘Made by Japan, Made in Malaysia’, focusing at mainly local Malay consumers, such as consumers who want to enjoy new tastes with their families through food despite their busy work and lives, and those who are interested in Japanese culture and want to try new products with Halal certification, to deliver distinctive products that combine the rich sweetness of Kyushu seasonings and the spiciness that matches local tastes in the market.

With Fundokin Yakin as its manufacturing base in the ASEAN market, AFC will continue to actively develop and distribute market-orientated Japanese quality condiments based on the concept of ‘Made by Japan, Made in Malaysia’. For more information, please visit the websites:

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