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2022.07.26 information

ABEJA Starts the Provision of its AI Ethics Consultation Service

On July 26, 2022, ABEJA, an investee of Inspire Investment Corporation and PIEF, started the provision of the consultation service on AI ethics

While we have seen AI’s recent contribution to solving social issues, there have been many cases in which AI systems reflect social distortions, discrimination, and prejudice. In some cases, AI system developers or providers have had to stop the provision of their services as a result of unfair outcomes, or companies’ reputations being damaged by the biases in the outcomes of AI systems developed or provided. As a result of these trends, momentum for social and international discussions on AI ethics and emphasizing AI policy is growing. In Japan, the focus of discussion for AI ethics and governance is shifting from philosophy to practice, as exemplified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Governance Guidelines for Implementation of AI Principles.

In 2019, ABEJA established the Ethical Approach to AI (EAA), which consists of 7 external experts (as of July 2022) to discuss AI-related issues from ethical and legal perspectives. Issues that are particularly challenging to judge are escalated to the EAA for discussion, and each issue is addressed based on opinions and knowledge that ensure objectivity and independence. In January 2022, we formulated and implemented our own AI Policy to provide guidance on the development and use of AI, with the aim of unifying awareness of AI ethics with our customers and business partners and addressing issues related to AI ethics. Through these initiatives related to AI ethics, we have assimilated the knowledge that we have cultivated through our practice in both technology and ethics/governance perspectives within ourselves. As a result, we have decided to make our AI ethics consultation services available to support the development and operation of AI systems that ensure fairness and transparency to everyone.

ABEJA supports the ethics, reliability and strives to realize fair AI systems for its customers through the provisions of this service.

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