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2021.11.25 information

ABEJA and HULIC Enter into a Capital and Business Alliance Agreement

ABEJA, Inc. an investee of Inspire Investment Corporation and PIEF, entered a capital and business alliance agreement with Hulic Co., Ltd. (“HULIC”), and on October 28, 2021, HULIC acquired 4.9% (fully diluted share ratio) of the issued shares of ABEJA through the transfer from existing shareholders.

To prepare for new office expectations based on changes such as a decrease in the working-age population and changes in work style, HULIC aims to provide offices of choice through development of high-value-added services utilizing AI and other advanced technologies for the solution, Bizflex by HULIC as a project series. Bizflex by HULIC series has 3 concepts: subscription, workplace and office digital transformation (“DX”), offering a new category of med-scale and flexible offices. The first case in the series, Bizflex Azabu Juban by HULIC, opened on November 1, 2021.

As of November 2020, ABEJA began collaborating with HULIC in order to redefine the raison d’etre of the office, promote DX, and explore next-generation office and work styles through the use of AI, in response to the popularity of remote work and changes in work styles and office styles associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Together they are developing the Bizflex application as a platform for the Bizflex by HULIC series, a shared conference room reservation system linked to cloud services, a guest reception system that streamlines agency response, and a system for visualizing the location and status of employees. The services developed here will be sequentially implemented in Bizflex, and real data obtained from these offices will be accumulated and utilized both to improve existing and develop new services.

To realize their vision, Implement a Fruitful World, ABEJA will continue to work with companies in a wide range of industries and business types to support operational innovations through DX, drive business innovation through collaboration between AI and human resources, and promote industrial structure reform.

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