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  • Collaborative Business Development

    A well developed and sustained business crucially relies on a mechanism that is generating a stream of profits, through day-to-day operations and maintaining the flow in addition to having brilliant ideas and market insights. INSPiRE as your partner will drive business development in a way that not only allocates business revenues but also shares risks from the beginning of projects through to success.
  • Consulting

    With experiences we have gained through developing business projects for both large enterprises and venture investments and management along with our expertise, we are dedicated to find and create values with those who have sought our consultation. During the development of new businesses we often carry out surveys and data arrangement to assist the various decisions from the concept stage, and support for alliances.

Steps in Business Development

0. Exploring the Future & Market Predictions / Innovation Theme
We capture the changes in society and the market through observing technological advances and development as well as trends in demographics and resources, leading us to innovations.
1. Exploring Business Seeds
We assist you in planning and establishing new business seeds while primarily utilizing existing infrastructure and technologies.
2.Examining Business Potential
Based upon industry trends, market research and expert interviews, we work with you to help determine the viability of your business seeds.
3. Outlining Strategies and Plans
Making use of our experts in a variety of business startup situations and in how to invest in venture companies, we support you in drawing up down-to-earth business strategies and plans.
4. Providing Financial Insights
With our knowledge of equity capital and fund investments, we will advise on capital policy and financing.
5. Supporting Business Development
What makes us unique is our dedication to toil alongside you while conducting and supporting business development.
6. Arranging Business Partnerships
After understanding your business strategies, we find potential alliances with functions that are needed for your future business.
7. Promoting Due Diligence
Since we understand your business and growth plans, we will support the M&A process that emphasizes the Post-M&A strategy.
8. Marketing and Branding
We will build a marketing and branding strategy that identifies with fundamental values of your business and products.

Supported Projects


Precision Machine Manufacturer Identifying a new business area

Searching for new business areas to match changes in social trends and re-evaluation of own technology
We led a search project to capture new business areas to support preparation of the medium-term management plan. With our unique system named Social Out Matrix, we extract the trends in societal change, while organizing the company’s technological portfolio, resulting matches being identified leading us to new business opportunities.

Major Broadcasting Group Expansion from existing business

A group consisting of television stations sought support in expansion of facility services.
With declining revenue in broadcasting, the group sought to develop a new business field and chose to establish a company in the bridal service market based upon a selection of new business projects. We have continued supporting the new company from business conception through initiation to expansion.

Advertising Company Consultation for business strategy planning

A project to promote adaptation in a changing business environment for a media-specific advertising company
Since the rapid decline in advertisement investment in the four traditional mass media (newspapers, magazines, radios and television) after 2008, we provided strategic direction for business policy and organizational reforms aiming towards environmental adaptation for the following fiscal year and beyond, through analyzing the internal and external business climates.

Information Technology Company Establishment of a joint venture company

Production of an integrated authentication infrastructure aiming at the looming age of cloud services
Having anticipated the trend of accelerated cloud usage and application of multi-mobile devices, we established a joint venture with large enterprises and developed an authentication infrastructure service that enables employees to obtain secure and user-friendly access to company resources. The system uses electronic certificates for secure process of user authentication, enabling employees to access multiple applications simultaneously.

Telecommunication Provider Commercialization of new technology

Development of business utilizing self-invented machine learning framework
We provided a series of consultations to the company who invented a cutting-edge technology for big data analysis, proposing ways to select target market and how to utilize the technology. We also assisted them in identifying a business domain and alliances to facilitate commercialization of the technology.

Chemical Manufacturer Corporate Branding

Exhibition of collaborative works of art and technology
To promote awareness of the company’s new concept and to increase visibility of their technology, we planned and facilitated an art exhibition that merged a variety of artists’ vivid ideas into the company’s technologies and materials.