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Over the past century, countries all over the world, including Japan, have aspired to build a consumption economy and continued to exploit nature and the planet itself. Today the environmental problems are perceived not only as an issue of one region but as a global matter, thus we are facing an era that requires a new economy and creation of social order. What is needed now is not the extension of the past, but creative destruction and inspiration that ignite new values. We INSPiRE, as a company that is missioned to create new businesses, have been engaged in various projects constantly since our founding in April 2000. Seeds of new businesses are not always brought to life from nothing or by a genius insight. Rather, we believe they are obscured inside or in periphery of existing businesses. The seeds of new businesses will finally flourish when there is dialogue between technology, products/services, the market and society. INSPiRE continues to open new horizons with full force. Together, with INSPiRE.
高槻 亮輔