• Starting with "The 1st Japan Strategic IT Fund" which stimulates strategic investment for IT systems through investment and fund offer to middle class public companies in order to trigger management innovation in the invested companies, we administrate several funds with different objectives such as "Inspire Advanced Technology Fund" that fosters companies holding the latest technology and the latest patent technology itself, making contribution for the flexible solutions for management issues. We will keep providing support from different aspects to the business fields that would activate Japanese economy.

  • What we believe is “the risk sharing makes client service to real partnership with mutual trust”.
    When we consult for clients we invest, our skills and abilities are fully proved to improve business performance of the client with our accumulation of experience. When we consult for clients without investment, we propose a fee structure based on performance to bring out our skills and abilities.

  • To realize the “new value” which is created in the relationship with technical venture firms invested by Investment Unit and client corporations supported by Consulting Unit, that is the mission of Group Strategy Unit.
    By starting up or supporting the strategic business with our own asset investment, we strengthen and supplement the business process chain over the Inspire Corporation group and drive the growth and development with the companies we invest.

What's New

    2009.02.02B2B Alliance with OTSUKA CORPORATION on Finger Vein Authentication Technology "mofiria" by Sony

  • OTSUKA CORPORATION and INSPiRE Corporation agreed to cooperate on market cultivation and the service development of “mofiria”, finger vein authentication technology developed by Sony Corporation, on business-to-business Market.


    2006.03.01Representative Director and Chairman newly inaugurated

  • Inspire has invited Mr. Kunihiro Ashida, the former Representative Director and Vice-President of Sumitomo Corporation, to our Representative Director and Chairman. We will take good advantage of Mr. Ashida’s extensive experiences and wide human networks in business world, aiming stronger business base and further progress of the business achievement.


    2006.01.10Business alliance with CAT co., Ltd., a document solution company

  • Inspire Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, president: Makoto Naruke,hereafter, Inspire) and CAT co., Ltd. (head office: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, president: Yuki Ohnishi, hereafter, CAT), which expands their presence with document solution business, have formed an alliance for the digitalization business of  large amount of paper documents stored in corporations and public offices for a long time.